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Do you want to possibly be a part of something bigger than yourself? If you do, I may have the perfect health and wealth business opportunity that’s been saving lives and improving people’s health for over 22 years. There’s no one like us and with our track record.

There’s a MAJOR problem in healthcare besides it being unaffordable. The problem is that over 780,000 people die each year from using pharnaceurical drugs.

Working with me, as an official Rich Dad CASHFLOW Coach your gaining — someone to give you feedback, hold you accountable, and to encourage your success Rich Dad style. The focus is on you and how to succeed at building a home based business – just like rich dad did for me.

So I am taking pre-qualification applications for interviews with me. Because I’m looking for the right people to help us, who value health without medication who want to be part of our health and wealth mission of helping people to elevate their health and wealth beyond chemical drugs and slaving for a paycheck..

So if this is you…

Take a look at where you are right now and then consider where you want to be.  I’ll help you get there. By coaching you step-by-step through my unique training and coaching process called ‘MLM Quantum Leap University.’ You’ll come away with a real, workable plan and strategy — customized to your strengths and passions. This will help ensure your success as a business partner and team member.

Plus you also be mentored by my two of my main mentors, one who is a multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur that owns 8 McDonald’s restaurants, and the other, a multi-million dollar earner herself, who is one of the top earners in the industry. Training hard to find anywhere else with their step-by-step training program.

So no matter what, you’ll become a savvier entrepreneur and investor because of our experience as a full-time entrepreneurs and investors and me as a Rich Dad coach. You get all this for FREE, if you qualify to join our team. Plus you will have access to our exclusive “5 Star Training,” taught by two of our top leader trainers and multi-millionaires.

You’ll be learning from an experienced McDonald’s franchise owner, as well as from me, a Rich Dad official coach, We will show you exactly how to build an actual e-Franchise MLM business, doing it the McDonald’s way, NOT the traditionalnetwork marketing way, that is failing too many people. A recruiting model and strategy like everyone else uses that has a 95% failure rate.

McDonald’s franchise type model and the traditional outdated MLM recruiting model.

With me as your Rich Dad Mentor and Team Sponsor I will help you:

  • Build a personalized financial and CASHFLOW blueprint
  • Keep you focused on a Mission, Passion and Purpose
  • Train you on how to become secure, comfortable, and financially free
  • Map out a simple step-by-step strategy and what you’ll need to do to get there
  • Personalize a plan to help you into the “B” and “I” quadrants without NEEDING to recruit.
  • Set your plan in motion—so that becoming healthier and wealthier is an automatic process.

Bonus Training:

Imagine if you never needed to recruit to become a successful network marketer! Imagine if prospects eagerly asked you to make time to see them! Imagine if you were regularly flooded with so many customers that you couldn’t handle anymore.

It CAN happen when you learn how to use our exclusive plug n’ play marketing system and pest to a guest sales training. You’ll discover:

  • How to ‘lock in’ a customer for life so he/she doesn’t even think about going to your competition!
  • How our proprietary nutrition formula is the Coca-Cola formula of supplements and is the secret behind attracting all the new customers you’ll ever need (Don’t worry… there’s no ‘over-hyping’ here. Only a signature product that’ll give you an ultimate unfair advantage!)
  • How to only speak to prospects that are ready to purchase NOW!
  • A cooking cutter duplicating process for passively building your very own, ‘loyal’ customer base… and… team members, even if you’ve never built a home based business in your life (You won’t believe how simple this process is!)
  • 6 powerful business building steps that’ll create a cash flow surge in to your bank account!
  • How the intelligent… yet little known use of an automated FREE health evaluation test will practically force your prospects to first trust you, and then… buy from you (You’ll have the ability to have access to this to this exclusive marketing tool, that works like gangbusters, to adapt and model!)
  • How you can position yourself so when the prospect IS ready to buy… your the #1 choice!
  • How to create an environment with your customers that can last a lifetime!
  • The critical advantage of how to be able to ‘leverage’ the most famous health lecture in the world that was ever done, that’ll force  prospects after listening to it to purchase from you.
  • How to position yourself so that prospects eagerly line up and practically beg you to consult them, and existing healthcare professionals to do partner with YOU! Imagine having prospects asking to be sold to!)

We have everything you need to succeed. So now it’s time to watch the videos below and start learning if what I have to offer is the right fit for you…

Video 1





ATTENTION: If you watch this video and it doesn’t deeply resonate with you, that’s okay. But it’s likely a sign that my health and wealth business opportunity and team is likely the wrong fit for you. So I would HIGHLY suggest you not go any further and apply if that turns out to be the case.

Video: 5

Ben Thimas Jr. – The Truth About Network Marketing. After watching video, hit the apply button to request a pre-qualification interview for learning more about my company with a purpose business opportunity.

Before you decide to apply, I encourage you to click the link below thisa paragraph, and read the FTC’s (Federal Trade Commissions) official defining guidelines on illegal pyramid schemes. Because many direct sales MLM (multi-level-marketing) companies are illegal pyramid schemes disguise themselves as being legal pyramids. That way, you’ll be able to ask the right questions, and make a better informed intelligent decision on becoming a member of our team if you qualify.

FTC Guidelines That Define an Illegal Pyramid Scheme

NOTE: You must be able to comfortably afford an initial $500 investment and a yearly $49.95 wholesale club membership. Plus an affordable monthly product auto-ship amount for personal use, in order to receive full benefits of commission plan. The majority of your income is structured to come from actual consumer demand, not from recruiting other members, which in accordance with the FTC legal guidelines.