Why Time Doesn’t Kill Deals

Why, “Time doesn’t kill deals,” for CASHFLOW Heroes.

As I’ve mentioned many times. It’s important to have a pre-qualification process when you have someone who asks to be a part of your MLM team. This is what MLM CASHFLOW Heroes do. More to the point, if McDonald’s does it, why shouldn’t you?
For example: Ours is a 6 step qualification process, with three separate consults in between distributing information.

Why? Because it’s respectful to both you and the prospect, and it maximizes the predictability of your cash flow. Treating people the way you would want to be treated is ALWAYS the way to go when it comes to cash flow, as long as it’s respectful. It serves to weed out the riff raff, saving you a lot of wasted time, money and energy.

The saying, “Time kills deals,” SHOULDN’T apply when it comes to choosing new team members to work with you. If someone is teaching you this transactional philosophy, you need to stop listening to them yesterday.

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The Difference Between Sales And Marketing

The subject of communications is an important one. Robert Kiyosaki tells that Rich Dad insisted that he know the difference between sales and marketing. Rich Dad would say, “the big mistakes most people make when it comes to communication is that they say ‘sales and marketing.’ This is why they suffer with low sales or poor communications with staff and investors.” His Rich Dad would go on to explain that the real statement looked like this:



He would add, “The real trick to communication is knowing that it’s really ‘sales over marketing.’ not ‘sales and marketing.’ He added, “If a business doesn’t have strong and convincing marketing, the company must spend a lot of time and money and work very hard at gathering sales.”

He also said, “Once you learn to sell, you need to learn how to market,. An S quadrant business owner is often good at sales, but to be a successful B quadrant business owner, you must be good at marketing as well as sales.” He then drew the following diagram.

He said, “Sales is what you do in person, one on one. Marketing is sales done via a system. “Most S quadrant businesspeople are very good at one-on-one sales. For them to make the transition to the B quadrant, they need to learn how to sell through a system, which is called marketing.

In conclusion, communications is a subject worthy of lifelong study because there’s more to communication than just speaking, writing, dressing or demonstrating. As rich dad said to Robert, “Just because your speaking doesn’t mean anyone is listening.” When people ask where to start to build a strong communications foundation, Robert encourages people to begin with the two basic skills of selling one-on-one and public speaking to a group. He also advises us to to carefully watch our results and listen for feedback. As you go through the process of transforming from poor communicator to an excellent communicator with these skills, you’ll find your everyday communication skills will also improve. When all three improve, you’ll see your cash flow increase as a result.


Ben’s Reccomendation

My very first professional sales job was with Keller Williams Realty. It taught me, good sales training and marketing systems are vital. Your ability to communicate through marketing and one-on-one selling will determine your income. Because sales equals income. It took me many years of training and trials and errors. I made a lot of mistakes and it cost me a lot of money and time.

To this day, I still make mistakes because it’s lifelong learning. You must learn about your customer, so you know how to communicate to them. And you need to be able to market for them by leveraging systems that generates ongoing leads and manages the leads you gain to close them. You also need to be able to close them one-to-one.

So we offer a world class trainer on one-on-one selling. We also offer the #1 all-in-one marketing and lead management platform in the industry.

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How To Best Protect Yourself From Online Con-Artist Information Sellers

A lot of people are making a small fortune on selling information. Pretty ironic when you think about how we live in the Information Age, with a ton of good free information all over the internet. The problem is, it can take a lot of time to collect the right information. So it only makes sense to pay for it, if it’s worth it.
The problem is, how can you tell good advice from the bad advice? How can you tell the difference between a good expert advisor and a bad expert advisor? That is the tough part, isn’t it? Because it can cost you a lot of wasted money and time if you listen to the wrong people.
Even though there is no bullet proof protection, you can at least put yourself in the best position of protection, by increasing your financial freedom IQ. That way your not at a complete disadvantage when a great marketer comes along, and is selling for example: a very expensive course on how to create a 6 figure income by selling on Amazon, or on flipping real estate.
You won’t be so vulnerable to their silver tongue sales pitch. And more importantly, you won’t miss out on some possibly valuable life changing education, because your too afraid to trust, caused by the fear of losing. You won’t suffer from analysis paralysis. You’ll be better able to filter fact from fiction and make an informed, intelligent decision.
Here are some ways to increase your financial freedom IQ:
1. First start small by making a small investment by buying books from different experts on the subject your looking into.
2. Talk to people who are already doing what your interested in.
3. Attend a CASHFLOW Club game night in your area and play CASHFLOW 101.
4. Read Rich Dad Poor Dad and the CASHFLOW Quadrant and other books by Robert Kiyosaki.
5. Overall, for the rest of your life, make a commitment to make increasing your financial freedom IQ the #1 priority when it comes to gaining your financial freedom.
These are just some low cost S.A.F.E. (simple, affordable, fun and effective) ways to increase your financial freedom IQ.
But most of all. Don’t assume you’ll automatically be successful with the info, just because others were and the tell you, you will be. It’s a good sign. But the reality is, we all have different innate skill sets. So just understand, nothing is ever a guarantee. So ultimately, what makes the difference is how well you are able to process and apply the information and the level of responsibility you take. You are the biggest x-factor.
There is no holy grail information, just work and commitment. Information helps, but like the Ten Commandments, their just guidelines. The real education begins when you do what it says by experiencing it for real.

What The Hell Is “Bitcoin?” My For Dummies Take


Okay, I’ve had several people ask me “what’s a Bitcoin?” Cause they hear everyday people starting to talk about it. Which is potentially the first bad red flag sign for anyone buying or selling it. As they say, “when people like your grocery checkout lady starts talking about investing in Bitcoin, real estate, etc., it’s time to get out.”😂

We’ll here’s my take, that I’m sure many who are trading Bitcoin won’t agree with. Bitcoin is what is called a crypto- currency that’s like the U.S. Dollar, accept it’s invisible. You have to see it with your mind, instead of your eyes. Baby-boomers and any prior generations will have the hardest time seeing this new generation currency in their mind. Cause they are use to a using a tangible currency.

It’s a currency made for and by the millennial generation who have lost trust in paper currency, which is created and controlled by the central banks. So Bitcoin is considered a decentralized currency. That’s it’s attraction. Ideally no one group controls it, which I find questionable. But all transactions are direct between a buyer and seller over the internet, digitally. No middleman other than autonomous computers are involved.

The Crypto Creators

Crypto’s were developed by software developers who use what are called block chains that are digital ledgers. Running on computers around the world, checking and balancing all cryto-currency transactions. Bitcoin is just one type of crypto, there are several others, just not as popular. Just like there are many different paper currencies around the world.

Once all transactions have been correctly checked, a token such as a Bitcoin is released into the market to be bought or sold by mining machines that operate in conjunction with these block-chain ledger’s. So I guess the block-chains would be considered to be like virtual accountants.

I know, sounds out there and confusing. It’s because, like I said, “you have to see it in your mind and not with your eyes. But let’s attempt to bring the metaphysical into the physical.

EXAMPLE: As we know, brick and mortar big box stores are going away, or at least becoming less needed. They were controlled by big companies and owned by wealthy families. These families are some of the wealthiest in the U.S. if not the world. So they basically had an iron fist control over the profits from the retail market.

Most people like you and me couldn’t afford to build or lease the prime real estate high traffic spots, these big box stores occupied. Therefore they could corner the market on wealth. But once the internet and an invisible retail online store like Amazon has come along, that central wealth controlling barrier has now come crashing down like the Berlin Wall.

A Decentralizing Force

So look at the invisible Bitcoin crypto-currency as if it were the invisible Amazon retail store. Because they are both wealth power decentralizing forces, that are destroying the ability for a few people to control the majority of the wealth in the world. At least that’s how I see it.

Amazon, when it comes to taking the power away from brick and mortar big box stores. And Crypto-currency like Bitcoin when it comes to the Wall Street Banks and the families that own them.

With crypto, there is little to no fees that a bank would normally charge, who is now cut out of a transaction between you and another person. That’s a major reason or sales pitch for why crypto is gaining more and more popularity. It’s more cost effective and less constricting. How many times have you used an ATM and paid a fat fee to withdraw your own money and asked to yourself, “Why am I paying such a high fee to use my own money? I know I have… And that’s the major why many people are turning to crypto. There are little to no fees. So I suspect this whole block chain ledger technology is going to be  serious threat to the brick and mortar banking industry. Cause fees are how physical banks make their main dough.

The other and I think most significant reason crypto’s like Bitcoin are in position to win is because the U.S. Dollar is no longer actually money. It’s what’s called a fiat currency, since 1971, when President Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard. In other words there is nothing more of value backing the dollar like gold use to. So it’s sole value is now determined by consumer confidence.

Hence, the reason why crypto is gaining more use and popularity. People around the world are losing confidence in paper currencies, so they are losing value. Approximately 95% of the dollar has lost it’s value since 1971.

The Future of Crypto

This is what the crypto currency people who have been bitten by the Bitcoin Bug are betting the farm on. Crypto eventually supplanting the U.S. paper dollar and other world paper currencies. Which I believe will eventually happen. But it’s not going to happen without a fight and a lot of amateur investors losing a lot of money over a long period of time.

Cause the problem with crypto is that it’s a currency as well. And all currencies are designed to go down in value over forty years, which few people understand.  It’s also backed by nothing. So it’s a very volatile market, meaning there will be many rallies and crashes before it maybe finds it’s place as the prime currency that everyone uses for buying and selling.

I will say this… What it has over the dollar is that at this time. It has been agreed between these software developers, that only so many of these crypto’s can be released into the market. That way it maintains some intrinsic value.

Granted, I know that’s not saying much. Because at one time, in 1944, what was called The Bretton Woods Agreement was put into law. Bankers from around the world agreed that only so many dollars could be printed and released in accordance with how many gold bars existed. So much for that.

God’s Money And Beyond

Well I hope some of you have a better understanding of what this Bitcoin craze is all about. I certainly don’t get it all either. Right now, all I know is I don’t trust anything that’s not real money, which is also known as God’s money. Tangible assets like gold, silver, oil and real estate, because you really can’t make anymore of it than exists. Which creates a natural intrinsic value that man can do little to manipulate, like paper currency.

But will see my blog friends. But I encourage you to first invest in your financial freedom IQ on crypto, before you invest in any currency like Bitcoin. That way you’ll have a better chance at profiting from it, or at least limiting your losses.

And I also recommend that if you are going to buy crypto, to wait until it crashes before you do. Cause more profits are made off crashes than booms.

Every Crash Creates An Opportunity

What Is The Rich Dad Way?

For a while now Robert Kiyosaki has been telling people about the next coming soon market crash like Paul Revere on his famous midnight ride.

So I thought I would weigh in on it, if you’re unsure what to make of his financial siren prediction. In some ways he hedges his bet on predicting this major market crash. By saying “It might not happen.” But it certainly looks inevitable considering all the fiat currency still being pumped into the market.

Let’s face it though, at best, these are very turbulent unpredictable times we are all living in. So in my eyes it’s best to be prepared, no matter what happens. Think like the bull and the bear. The bull is optimistic, the bear is pessimistic. You need to be both, a realist. And that’s where I stand on this potential devastating economic crash.

The one thing I don’t agree with when it comes to Robert’s efforts on warning us is the need to fear the crash. Rather I think we should respect it. Let me explain…

When I was young and in school, there were kids who were bullies I feared getting into fisticuffs with, but I didn’t respect them. There was no communication or understanding between me and these playground bullies. It was pure fear and dislike.

On the other hand, there were other tough guys I respected. Those are the one’s I understood and communicated with. This led to me being able to have a comfortable relationship with them and even use it to my advantage if I ever needed some muscle to back me up against the bullies I feared.

I recently received an email from one of Robert’s latest business partners Anik Singal who is an email marketing expert. I’m sure some of you received it as well if you’re on the Rich Dad email list. It’s titled RE: coming crash. I consider him a sales marketing bully. Cause he uses a a lot of scarcity tactics in his emails.

The email is written to sound like it came from Robert, but I can almost assure you it’s not Robert’s words. Robert’s not and email copywriter, he is a best-selling author, so he doesn’t write like an infomercial. I’ve been a student of Roberts since 2003, so I know the difference. Granted Robert supports him, which is all good.

This is another reason for me writing this email to my CASHFLOW Quadrant Master members. I want to make sure you’re always getting the official Rich Dad and Robert Kiyosaki teachings. It certainly concerns me that Robert has suddenly partnered with Anik and his business partner Fred Lam who is an online marketing expert as well.

 They seem like legit guys and I even have Anik’s Blue Print email course, but they sell more than they teach; which is not the Rich Dad way as I’ve been taught as an official Rich Dad CASHFLOW Club leader.

This is what makes the Rich Dad teachings so powerful and unique. But Robert is getting older, so I think he’s attempting connect with the up and coming millennial’s.

Unfortunately, I think it’s coming at the cost of compromising the Rich Dad brand. Just my opinion. But it certainly feels that way to me as a loyal Rich Dad student and fan; something that I’ve emailed Rich Dad corporate about with no response.

Oh well…

Anyways, why this is so important to understand is that more selling than teaching opens the door for students to feel that making money is more important than learning. Cause with just about every email from these guys is a promotion for a course or training.

So I would imagine Rich Dad is licensing the right for them to use the Rich Dad brand and Robert’s name to promote their products. Just know this. In case it starts turning you off to trusting the Rich Dad teachings, something I don’t want to see happen.

Focusing On Increasing Your Financial Freedom IQ

For some of you, I’m sure you’re welcoming that Rich Dad is helping to provide the types of products these gentlemen offer. But I can tell you these products alone will not save you from the coming crash. Why? It’s just like when the California Gold Rush happened if you are a student of economic history. It wasn’t the miners that got rich. It was the people selling them the mining equipment.

So beware. As Mark Twain said, “History may not repeat itself, but it often does rhyme.” What is going to do the most to help you in the coming possible crash is continuing to increase your financial freedom IQ.

If you can continue to do that, then you’ll be able to better determine if certain products can help or not help you. Every crash creates an opportunity to grow richer or poorer, depending whether your on the selling or buying side of the table. These guys are on the selling side. I’m on the selling side when I’m doing eCommerce or when I’m acting as an investor in rental properties.

I Don’t Need You

Ya see. I can be transparent with you like this because my financial freedom doesn’t depend on you.  I don’t need you, I want you as a student. It’s a much healthier relationship this way, don’t you think? If you decide to use some of my affiliate partners I recommend, that’s great. It’s like getting whip cream, nuts and that cherry on top of my ice cream. And truth be told, I don’t even like cherries.:)

But I digress, so moving on. I teach not to make money, I teach because it’s a calling for me. And any true teacher of the Robert Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad teachings owns cash flowing assets. That way they can teach for free or at cost, not necessarily to always profit.

I don’t have to be nice to you, or sell to you per say cause I don’t depend on you for my cash flow. My businesses and real estate provides me with my cash flow. So I pray you’re getting the picture I’m attempting to paint. In other words, you don’t pay my bills.

This is all part of the lesson I’m trying to teach you for preparing to capitalize on the next crash. So that when it does crash, you can gain more assets. It’s just a game. So stay prepared by being a student who learns how and what to invest in to sell to the market at the right times. But in order to do that, you have to first read the directions and rules of the game.


Don’t buy more than your selling. Be slow to buy and quick to sell. I look to sell things that have an in-demand mass appeal and that will sell in an up or down market.

If the crash doesn’t happen, so be it. But I think like Robert, “that it’s better to be prepared.” That way, you can profit either way.

If you respect the crash, you can think on ways you can take advantage of it. If you fear it, how can you? You’ll freeze and stop communicating with yourself and the market around you, hiding like a turtle in its shell. There will be a lot of people using this fear to sell you on their silver bullet product solutions cause they know the power fear has on the human mind.

It’s called FOMO in the marketing world. It’s an acronym for fear of missing out. But there’s also a FEAR acronym, that I prefer, false evidence appearing real. I’m not saying not to use these products online marketers are selling. I’m saying ‘don’t let the fear of missing out on them be the driving force of your decision to. Let your respect for financial freedom education be the force.

It certainly appears there is going to be a crash or a correction as some call it. They both mean the same as saying, “lessor or renter”, bottom-line, you’re a tenant.

The only reason the crash has not happened as of yet is because they have continued to flood the market with more and more currency to keep this house of cards standing. Sooner or later it will fall as all do. But your job is not to predict when, it’s your job to just continue to prepare if you choose. That way you can move out of the financial burning building ahead of time, to find a better one to move in to.

There Are Two Kinds of Pain

According to Rich Dad. Intelligence is more than simply knowing the right answer. Intelligence, in reality, is made up of many factors. One of the most important reasons for increasing your financial freedom intelligence is to be able to solve bigger financial problems. If you are having trouble paying the rent or are afraid of investing , or can’t see investment or business opportunities everywhere around you, or if you need an expert to tell you what to do with your money… you may want to consider strengthening your financial freedom intelligence.

Many times after a workout I’m sore. In fact I’m usually get more sore as for the next few days. The reason I’m in more pain is simply because, as my body strengthens , the exercises need to be tougher in order to grow stronger. So many days my bodies sore. When I feel comfortable and don’t workout, my body feels better, but my physical fitness heads south.

So my attitude towards my never ending cycle of pain is, it’s good pain. I then remember the lesson Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad said, “There is good pain and bad pain. The problem is it’s still pain.”

Financially I’m always experiencing pain. Today instead of depending on a paycheck, I’m looking for bigger challenges in business and investing. No different than when people go to the gym to workout, I take my four intelligence’s of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual into the real world to financially exercise. Instead of seeking greater comfort, I seek greater challenges.

A final thought: My body or my bank account may not feel better, but I do feel good about myself. And that’s the pay-off for having the intelligence of knowing the difference between good pain and bad pain and having the courage to keep choosing the good pain.

There’s no perfect soulmate

One of the reasons many people struggle with relationships is because their always looking for that perfect soulmate… the person of their dreams … the one. Every time they meet or date someone, their taking notes anticipating a love connection.

The problem is the person of their dreams isn’t realistic. So they keep facing the same problem… a lack of commitment. Dating over and over again, getting the same results. As they watch others around them experience the kind of relationships they would one day like to have.

When it comes to business and investing, one of the reasons why so many fail is because they, too, are looking for the perfect opportunity… the business of their dreams… the one great investment.

But there is no perfect one. So this is just a reminder to just commit to doing the work it takes and you’ll win.

Hopping On The Bitcoin Bandwagon

Less trading; more education

Lots of ‘people’ say, “it’s a good time to invest in Bitcoin.” This financial frenzy of hopping on the Bitcoin “bandwagon,” is the hottest and latest thing to do as well as trading in many other crypto-currencies, cause of the break-neck speed at which Bitcoin has risen in price. But it doesn’t mean it’s a good time to enter the currency market.

While rising prices has made many a small fortune, rising prices alone is not a good reason to buy. Studying and educating yourself on the market before entering it, will determine if trading in crypto is a wise decision.

What makes cryptocurrencies a good buy?

Given that, I’m not surprised by James Altucher’s CNBB’s article that discusses Bitcoins and Crypto-currencies growing popularity. James is an entrepreneur who is a former software and website developer who teaches and trades Crypto.

As James states, “Bitcoin’s giant move upward is far from done. Society has made major changes to its currency a few times in history: Gold replaced barter as a transactional currency; paper money replaced gold as a store of value; and bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are going to replace paper money as a transactional currency.”

So Altucher is very optimistic about the future of these hot to trot currencies.

These are his 10 predictions for cryptocurrencies:

  1. At least one country’s currency is likely to fail soon — likely Argentina or Venezuela. This will lead to mass adoption of bitcoin among that populace. That will in turn lead to bitcoin rising by more than $50,000 when it happens.
  2. Mainstream banks will accept bitcoin, and will start offering storage and software access. They will also create cryptocurrency derivatives — as the CME is about to start doing.
  3. Despite the optimism, there will be a massive wipeout, and 95 percent of the alt-coins out there will go away — just like the dot-com bust. The surviving coins will go up a ton. This will happen within next four-six months.
  4. The U.S. government will secretly start accumulating one of the smaller cryptocurrencies to make it easier for gray-area transactions with other countries. This has already started happening but will really start to ramp up in 2018.
  5. China will invest heavily in another cryptocurrency, but probably not bitcoin. China will want to have a cryptocurrency that is competitive with bitcoin, but under its centralized control. This will, in general, provide legitimacy to all cryptocurrencies.
  6. One big problem with cryptocurrencies now is their volatility. At least one — basecoin — will likely dramatically reduce that in 2018.
  7. More companies will pay freelancers with crypto, which will lead to calls for tax reform. There will need to be greater regressive sales taxes, which will ultimately require government cuts and eventually less power for national governments. This is a long-term prediction.
  8. In the same way the internet changed the monopolistic phone industry, crypto will change the monopolization of government-backed money.
  9. A new government organization will be created to analyze regulation on cryptocurrencies. This will, ironically, lead to a huge upswing in bitcoin and coins that provide actual utility.
  10. Thousands of crypto companies will be created and go public, but only a few will be massive successes.

Why most crypto currencies will get wiped-out

As enlightening as these are, what I found really enlightening about Altucher’s article was the reasons he gave for why 95% of these currencies will be wiped-out.

The number one reason for the wipeout, regardless of whether it’s a good or bad idea to trade, is because most potential traders don’t know what real money is. The first step potential traders should be highly motivated to take is understanding the difference between real money and fake money, in order to make an informed decision. There is a big difference. Crypto or paper money isn’t money, it’s currency, and all currencies are designed to go down in value over time. Building and protection of our wealth is critical, but the purpose is defeated if you are not well versed on the difference between money and a currency.

Next, most potential traders don’t understand the decision process of buying high and selling low. Buying high is the action or decision of being emotionally bullish, while selling is the action or decision of being emotionally bearish. Great traders look beyond those technical emotions by questioning the underlying fundamentals of, “How do I position myself to win either way?” Or, “How do I profit whether I buy or sell?”

Lastly, many new traders fail to understand how to financially position size themselves. By making sure they can afford to lose the bet they place. They get too caught up in the hype, often taking unaffordable positions and or poor timed one’s. If I could only afford to lose $1,000 on Bitcoin, I would only have that amount of money in there. So that if I lost it, it would knock me out the game.

Breakingdown James’s observations, it’s in line with what I emailed out to our AC Community members recently (yes, they get exclusive emails from me). In that email, I talked about the importance of financial freedom education, and how it acts like a filter that allows you to be able to filter out the good from the bad when it comes to financial advice. How it has saved me from many mistakes. As I wrote:

There have been many times when I was managing or driving an investment vehicle. And if I didn’t have the filter of financial freedom education to help me filter out the bad financial  information or advice, I would have been in big trouble.

In fact. It causes people to lose out on great investments as well. Cause they don’t have the filter of financial freedom education to understand what a great investment looks like.

I understand that lesson didn’t come from doing. They come from study and simulation first, by playing the CASHFLOW 101 board-game. Those understandings keep one, “disciplined”.

At the end of the day, what I’ve learned, and what James writes about, are the priceless lessons that come from simply studying financial freedom. That’s the only way to be able to make informed intelligent tough decisions as your own financial leader.


Deciding to trade or not to trade

Even though I commend anyone who has the courage to put out money to trade, it takes more than money—nor does it take an academic education. Rather, it begins with study and practice, patience, and yes, lots of discipline that helps you to successfully trade. Giving you the best answers to trade or not to trade

I ‘m always blown away when I read facebook posts of inexperienced people saying, “Man, I need to buy some crypto.” Or “Ok I want in. How can I buy some? I can invest some money each month.” Few understand or respect the real history of money or skill it takes to successfully trade currencies. What it takes is managing emotions. The secret to personal financial leadership.

The #1 reason most new traders lose is simply because they lack emotional training, the  they need to handle the upswings and downswings of being a trader. Some people call it fortitude. Others call it staying power. In the CASHLOW Clubs, it might be put this way: “Figure it out, think, don’t try to get rich quick, stop gambling, stop choosing the big deals, and start small. Your not getting out of the rat race—because your looking for short cuts.” I think you get te picture.

Another important reason why most beginning traders fail is because they are employees, not traders. The world of an employee is very different from the world of a trader. One big difference is the habit of earning a paycheck.

If you think about it, you’ll realize that earning a paycheck is straightforward. Do you think trading is straightforward? It might be, if you are emotionally tough enough.

If an employee does not get his or her “pay” they call their union leader or file for unemployment”. Most traders must be strong enough to handle, sometimes going for years, without “making money.”

It should go without saying, but in order to gain better control of your trading emotions, you have to let go of your employee minded emotions. Starting small is a good way to start trading, but you need to actually cut the cord at some point and go all in.

Who can be a trader?

So, does all this mean that beginners shouldn’t mess around with trading cryptocurrnecies? Not at all! Common people success stories is enough proof. But it does mean that simply having the money or calling yourself a trader isn’t enough.

You have to actually study beforehand.

The good news is anyone can be a currency trader—from the young to the old—if they’re willing to put invest the study time. The opportnity is there to win and the opportunity is there to lose.


How to Build A Money Making Machine

If your a poor communicator as an entrepreneur your cash flow will be poor.  It’s easy to become an entrepreneur, but becoming good at creating cash flow is difficult for most.  Good communications is critical. Rich Dad says, it’s the #1 skill an entrepreneur must have.

Once you are good at communicating or selling making money becomes easier. The problem for most business owners is that they work hard at knowing about what their selling, more than knowing who they are selling to. So when they communicate to a prospect they are unable to build enough rap ore and fail to get the sail.

A good communicator always looks to communicate from the perspective of the prospect thoughts.

One of the first things I did when I became an entrepreneur was get my realtor’s license. Not to become a realtor, but to get professional sales training. Once I got my license, I joined Keller Williams Realty because they had a good sales training program.

Since then I’ve invested in many communications trainings like copywriting, public speaking and books on how to communicate better, which has had a positive impact on my business and personal life. It’s made me a better husband, father, son, brother, uncle friend and person. On top of making my bank account continuously fatter.

One of the most critical lessons I learned though from Rich Dad was that when you look at the CASHFLOW Quadrant, the biggest difference between people in the S Quadrant and people in the B Quadrant is that people who are in the S are very good at selling one on one, but people who are B’s are good at selling one on one and to the masses as a marketer.


And the B’s usually make the most money and have the most free time. S’s have to work hard at selling, where’s B’s don’t. Why? cause B’s understand that it’s sales over marketing, not sales & marketing. What’s even worse, if something happens to them. They get sick or decide to go on vacation, their income will stop coming in. A true big business owner can have both happen. But because they have a marketing system in place that runs without them, their cash flow continues or can even increase.

In other words if a business has good marketing, sales are much easier to generate. One should not be separate from the other. When I see people struggling to make money online, including myself, it’s usually a marketing problem.

I see many who can communicate effectively one on one face to face or over the phone. But when they start to do business online, they try to do the same and they make little to no money. Cause to successfully make money online, you have to be able to successfully market before you sell, which takes time and patience and money to do.

You have to setup capture pages, squeeze pages, an email auto responder, etc. On top of all of this, it cost money to advertise on Facebook, Google and many other prime traffic sites. Even if you can afford a marketing system, if you don’t have enough money to advertise effectively, you won’t succeed.

This is the frustrating issue most failing online marketer’s are faced with. This is one of the reasons why I love selling on Amazon. Cause they do all the marketing for you, even though they offer a pay-per click marketing service. All you have to do is open up a seller account and learn how to source profitable items and the money starts coming in.

Then once you get the cash flow coming in on a consistent basis, you then can take some of that money and reinvest it in marketing other products or services you want to sell. And all that’s left to do is find a marketing system that works and works well.

There are many to choose from, from expensive to cheap. I’ve test driven many of them and they are all basically the same for the most part. Some may just offer a few more bells and whistles. But all the good one’s come with a capture page, sales page and email auto-responder.

So it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. Unless your one of my students that practices my S.A.F.E. Rule. Where you want the most simple, affordable, fun and effective training and marketing platform to use.

If you do, I recommend taking a peek at the new Kypron FREE marketing and training platform I texted many of you about.

What makes Kypron different from all the others I’ve seen or used is the founders designed it to be a S.A.F.E. offering. It’s free and comes with full use of the system. Has everything you need to start putting cold hard cash in your pocket sooner than latter. Plus, if you don’t already have a product or service to sell, it comes with upgrades to higher levels that you can market online to sell to others, keeping the majority of the profits.

But that’s not the biggest benefit. The biggest benefit is it’s a copy and paste system. The founders provide you with constant fresh, successfully pre-tested marketing funnels, so that your marketing is plug and play. You’ll have little set up work to do. Which in turn allows for you to spend as little as possible in time and money on advertising maximize your time and profits! Which is also in-line with my 20/80 Investment Rule. Only investing .20 cents on a dollar or time to make .80 on every dollar and time gained.

The copy and paste model is how many of us got started doing eCommerce, by copying and pasting products from Amazon to sell on eBay to drop-ship. Kypron’s creators are the same one’s who founded DSD and INFINii that trains people how to do eCommerce.

Once a person is set up, all they have to do is copy and paste a code into a proven campaign. Then just like drop-shipping from Amazon to eBay customers the sales will start generating on their own.

So if you want to learn more about Kypron and create a free account, just click on the link below.


What is S.A.F.E. investing?

S.A.F.E. is an acronym I created that stands for simple, affordable, fun and effective. As oppose to H.E.L.L., hard, expensive, long and less.

Back in 2003 when I decided to become a full-time professional entrepreneur and investor I wish I knew what I know now. I didn’t have the knowledge and experience I do now.

What drove me back then more than anything was my desire to escape the drudgery of working for a paycheck. Nothing wrong with working for a paycheck if that works for someone, but it didn’t work for me. Once I knew employees paid more in taxes than anyone else, and that, that was the main reason why the rich don’t work for money, I wanted out!

My first investment I made was a real estate deal, that netted me and Michelle $80,000. That was three times as much money I was making in a year as a state employee. That’s pretty much when I knew I no longer needed to be a slave to money.

So the plan was set. I was going to make the transition from an employee to an investor/entrepreneur and ride off into the financial freedom sunset. We’ll it turned out, not to be that simple.

At the time I was working as a state employee at a local psychiatric hospital. I had been doing that for about five years. I worked in what was considered the toughest ward in the hospital. Because it was people coming in off the streets who had committed crimes, anywhere from murder, rap and everything in between. It was an evaluation temporary holding tank to determine whether these people were sane enough to stand trial and be sentenced to prison, or needed to be transferred to the main part of the hospital to receive proper psychiatric treatment.

Plus, we would often receive hardened psychiatric patients who were transitioning from prison life, being processed for re-entrance into mainstream society. So obviously my daily work environment was a cross between stress and hell. But I have to admit, there was a part of me that loved it, or wouldn’t have lasted the five years. And truthfully, the work wasn’t what caused most of the stress and hell. It was the administrative policies that often put us in harms way with many of the patients on a daily basis. Like lack of appropriate staffing and training.

We’ll while plotting my rat race escape, working on my new life and planning my marriage to Michelle, something unexpected happened. I couldn’t believe it at the time or understand it. I ended up suffering a bad anxiety attack one day while coming in to work. It was a hard thing for me to have to accept. Because I’ve always been pretty good when it came to handling stress. But the fact of the matter was, the stress of my work environment had finally caught up with me.

At first, I thought I was having a heart attack because my heart was pounding out of my chest, and my blood pressure was through the roof. I left the job in an ambulance. That forced me to make the tough decision of whether to continue as an employee at the further destruction of my health, or prematurely quit to start my new life as an entrepreneur/investor.

Well if you know anything about me by now, I’m not one to jeopardize my health when comes to money. So I quit. Which turned out to be the best and worst decision I ever made. Because on one hand for the first time in my life I felt I was finally pursuing the lifestyle and career I  wanted. Then on the other side I had no safety net from the security of a paycheck. Hence my first lesson on SAFE and HELL, were about to begin.

If you are aware of the Rich Dad CASHFLOW Quadrant, you understand it’s sort of a GPS for showing you the ideal path to transition from being an E, employee, to becoming an S as self-employed, to becoming a B, business owner, to finally becoming an I, investor.


So at the time, without fully understanding, I was trying to go from being an E, employee to becoming a B, business owner and I, investor, without gaining the experience of being an S, self-employed first. Not a very safe way to transition. It wasn’t simple, affordable, fun or very effective.

In fact, it made things what I call HELL, hard, expensive, long and less productive. Not saying it was all bad. Because as they say, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” And I’m definitely stronger and wiser for it.

The main problem was that I had plenty of cash, but I lacked enough knowledge or resources to create cash flow in order to sustain my ability to survive and thrive without a paycheck. And being an official Rich Dad CASHFLOW Club leader I knew that was a very risky position to be in.

Especially when you lack experience. Regardless, I carried on and trusted that my Rich Dad and Robert Kiyosaki teachings would be my ultimate safety net. Cause money can be taken away from you, but financial knowledge never can. And financial freedom education is the gift that keeps on giving like cash flow.

So as fate would have it, because I was was new to the science and art of creating cash flow, I ran out of cash before I could create cash flow with it. Which eventually led to me going through a real estate foreclosure.

Which absolutely sucked. So my lesson on SAFE is to use it as a measuring stick for determining whether not a particular investment strategy makes sense, according to the level of your risk tolerance. For example: The A in SAFE, which stands for affordable relates to my 20/80 investment rule I recently wrote a post about.

The investment needs to ideally be only twenty-cents for every dollar I invest. Which provides me an eighty-percent margin of safety against any unforeseen problems that could cause me unaffordable financial harm. Like my own ignorance.  There are times I may invest up to fifty-cents on a dollar, but the deal has to be red hot and still simple, affordable, fun and effective.

Right now with my Amazon FBA strategy, I’m transitioning from RA, retail arbitraging in thrift stores to going direct to manufacturers, which will allow me to still work within the principle of SAFE. It’s not an easy process, which is why most can’t stick to producing the eighty to fifty percent profit margins I teach people to do, by using this SAFE strategy. Most believe it’s impossible to sustain. Why? Because in order to do it, you have to be willing to make sense before you make dollars.

I’ve learned that you can have the greatest plans laid, but the one thing you can’t control is life. So you have to avoid over exposing yourself to risk. Pro’s know, it’s not about how many sales you generate. it’s about how much profit you can create and keep, without over exposing yourself to risk.

Trust. There are many who are in the eCommerce game of online store building, using large amounts of debt to purchase inventory, like I did when I first started investing in real estate, that caused my foreclosure. When the market crashed, banks tightened up their lending, so I could no longer borrow to make more money.

So I assure you, many of these so called eCommerce experts who are making major profits right now that are using large amounts of debt to purchase inventory, are in a very high risk position. If the retail market tightens from the economy slowing, which is currently showing signs of. Many of these people are going to be in trouble.

Because many of them are using the majority of their profits to buy bigger homes, expensive cars and for taking fancy vacations. Instead of reinvesting that money in other investment vehicles outside of eCommerce, like in real estate, that would diversify their income and protect them from an economic slow down.

So SAFE is an investment model that can be used for helping with making a decision on any investment vehicle. It’s not bullet proof, but it works.