Old World vs New World

Local malls became popular throughout the U.S. because Wall Street brands found a way to gain access to local communities and population—demand for one stop shopping.

But with the evolution of the Direct Sales Industry, we are now witnessing a historical once and a lifetime economic event.

What makes Direct Sales so unique is that prior to Direct Sales there was no other form of commerce with its type of level playing field.

Directs sales advantages make it a direct competitor to Wall Street because of its level playing field, resistance to control and centralized economic power, and the network system that it’s built upon prevents it from being stopped.

Why am I so interested in Direct Sales companies, especially one’s that don’t require you to pay to play?

The same reason I love traditional small business ownership, they support the local economy first, which tremendously benefits the neighborhoods we all live in, before the Wall Street malls that origianlly took away most of the good profits from the Main Street proprietors.

I’ve heard so many opinions on the the subject of direct sales, aka network marketing.

For example, people say it’s a Pyramid or Ponzi scheme.

They are right at a certain level.

But those are companies that have no real customer or client base.

And I have family and good friends, who don’t support true network marketing.

But, they all have one thing in common, they all ironically buy from Amazon, who is the biggest direct sales company in America, with it’s countless independent sellers it supports.

There are three sides to every coin, the head, tail and the edge.

Insight is found on the edge.

On one side of the coin we have the “old world” people who won’t even consider supporting Direct Sales or Network Marketing, on the other side of the same coin we have the younger people, who don’t trust the Government System and Wall Street and they are all about the direct sales industry and spending local.

My job is to stay on the edge, strategically, and gain the knowledge both sides provide so I can adjust accordingly and continue to support my local community first by spending with business owners who live in the same community as I do, and also profit, which benefits us more locally before Wall Street.

Because I’m not really here as an entrepreneur, investor and local citizen to say who’s right or wrong, but to just be like Wayne Gretzky, and go to where the puck is going.

Because malls and Wall Street’s best days are behind them if you ask me, from my viewpoint.

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