Why Trumps Peace Deal Is Another Slap In The Face To Black Native Americans And All Americans, Even Though I Am Happy For Israel

Bad look for peace and progress in America…

Class pic of me in the first grade, lol.

Bitter sweet memories because I was always being sent down to the office for fighting over being called a nigga. 

Only thing that saved this little black boy from hating and destroying himself was having a mother who taught him to be proud of being from the black culture and the good it adds to society.

And I also had an understanding white Portuguese principal named Mr. Nunes who understood what was happening.

So instead of judging and punishing me like my teachers, Mr. Nunes would just have me sit with him and talk to me. 

Makes my eyes water just thinking about.

It was a tough time in my life because 97% of the school was white and all the teachers were.

So I stood little chance of getting through all the white supremacy ideology by default if it weren’t for Mr. Nunes.

Plus my mother was able to afford raising me in an all-white middle class neighborhood.

Because she decided to start a business, because she didn’t want here children to live in poverty, on welfare and as a ward of the state like she did.

She wanted to be able to make money and at the same time, be able to have the time to be in the home when we got home from school.

The trade off was, having to take racism and bigotry head on, because on top of it all, the whole neighborhood was of the white culture and the most of the city was white.

So in and out of school it was often a challenge to fit in or be accepted.

Even though most of the kids in my neighborhood were good to me overall, and some I still consider good friends of mine today.

It wasn’t until I got to middle school things got better for me because the school had a lot more black kids, I could relate to who lived in the near by projects to the school.

That’s when I started finally solidifying my self-esteem, even though it was a little late.

Because environment is stronger than will.

And between the ages of 1 and 8 are the most critical years for the development of a child’s self-esteem.

But as they say, “Better late than never.”

Once I started socializing with not just white kids, but black kids, all I did after school was walk to the projects with my black friends, hang out and played basketball all-day and chase the girls.

Then my mother would come pick me up, to go back to living in our safe white middle class neighborhood.

Now you would think, living in a safe neighborhood made me the happiest.

But it didn’t, because I was young and all I cared about was playing and having fun with people who looked, talked and liked the things I liked, because they just accepted me for who I am, without a second thought or judgement.

Unlike when I was just around all whites, who most were good people, but they were often only related to me from their point of view, when it came to food, fashion, music, sports, etc.

So I always tell people, I had the unique experience of being immersed in both a white and my own black culture.

So I know the pro’s and con’s of both few do having that unfair advantage.

Most blacks and whites only grow up in a black or white environment or culture.

So they often have a hard time with relating to each other’s.

Bot h can be very ignorant and over biased towards each other.

Which has allowed me to remain fairly objective when it comes to this whole Black Lives Matter movement.

Even though I’m a Native Black by default.

So I don’t have the same emotional hang-ups as many black and whites do when it comes to effectively communicating and operating within both environments.

They both can be ignorant, lazy, selfish, violent and stupid.

It just seems like it’s more blacks that are, but it’s because their are more whites that can point a finger.

And because of this dominant white bias, blacks tend to get the least benefit of the doubt, respect and support in our white run governemnt.

This is why “White Privilege” and “White Supremacy” exists, whether intentional or unintentional.

Not because whites are better or more evil.

But because when your the dominant culture, you don’t have to carry the burden of your needs not being met and people criticizing you and judging you for speaking up about it as much as a minority group does.

It comes down to who has the most numbers, unless certain protections and benefits with no strings attached are put in place.

This is why welfare and affirmative action has failed blacks miserably.

They come with strings attached and no financial empowerment plan.

Especially if you have dark skin, because it’s a negative stereotype mark against you.

Black people can’t leave their black skin at home like a hat or some other piece of clothing, because of the curse of slavery, like whites can.

I say all this, because it has come to me from comments I received from my last post about Trump closing a peace treaty deal for Israel, is what he needs to also be doing over here, to get a better handle on these rioters and protestors.

Trump is tone deaf when it comes to understanding the unique burdens and needs of the black culture, whether intentional or unintentional.

He’s lost in the sauce of his own bid for a second term.

Whether he acknowledges it or not, a good amount of his followers are “White Supremacists” he’s pandering to that will not check him on his unintentional or intentional neglect towards blacks.

He clearly sees it as only acceptable collateral damage.

Because he needs them more than blacks for the Republicans to win.

Hence why we have these riots and often over-agressive protests that are damaging property and killing innocent civilian lives and first responders.

One particular comment from the post stood out to me.

Someone said, “Imagine being the smallest kid in the gym and you are permanently surrounded with people on all sides that want to kill you 24/7. That is Israel.”

Because Black America feels like Israel when it comes to how our white run system treats us.

Just like how I felt when I was attending a dominant white elementary school and lived in an all-white middle class neighborhood.

The smallest kid in the gym and permanently surrounded with people on all sides that want to kill you 24/7.

That is Native Black Americans.

So how come Trump doesn’t see that?

When we complain and start stepping up to the plate, we are pacified or ignored and even accused of being racist towards whites or wanting too much, which is impossible because in order to be racist you have to be of the majority power structure.

Because we have little money and resources to be taken seriously or respectfully.

And what saved me as a little black boy, was not my biased teachers.

It was my principal Mr. Nunes, who was morally and ethically centered human being and leader.

So I think for President Trump to prevent further being tone death towards us native blacks.

Just like he has done over in Israel, where he had his son-in-law brokering peace in a foreign land because he cares about the safety of the people living in the region and ours.

It would be smart of him to identify a pro-black leader, that won’t be a yes man or an extremist who is capable of making sure Trump is doing the things necessary to address the needs of us native black americans, from a black leaders perspective.

Because I believe if he does, just like Israel, real peace and progress will have a better chance to happen.

So until then, I don’t see much changing.

Just a bunch of chairs being rearranged on the Titanic. 

Because blacks, because of our overall impoverished unique socioeconomic circumstances, created because of white supremacy, are warranted to be protected even more than Israel, due to the price we paid to be here that no other culture in this country has had to pay in this country.

The bill is over due.

The suffering of our own people at home should be our biggest priority right now, even though I’m very sensitive to my Jewish brothers and sisters needs, here and in their homeland.

Something just doesn’t feel right that we are celebrating peace in a foreign land, when our peace and safety has been shattered by our leaders, including Trump.

It’s like they instruct you when you go on an airplane.

“If there’s an emergency, put the mask on yourself first, even before your own children.”

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