Why You Can’t Teach Someone How To Swim Who’s Drowning

Since the Covid-19 crisis has hit us, I’ve been speaking to a lot of people who are struggling financially because they have little financial resources.

Many of them even believe that the government and Wall Street are going to save them, because they don’t understand, from the government pumping more funny money in to our economy…

It’s only going to make them poorer in the long run by devaluing the dollar.

Which is only going to further exacerbate the pension and healthcare financial crisis that’s brewing and that many cities and towns are already going broke over.

You would think they would get it by now, but many still don’t because the educational system, the government nor Wall Street does little to nothing to help increase the financial freedom IQ of Americans.

And neither do the other countries leaders around the world when it comes to their people learning how money works.

They only feed them for a day with stimulus bailout packages, and do not teach them financial freedom education, so that they know how to financially swim.

So we have a world filled with working class low financial IQ people that are in the process of being driven in to poverty, without most realizing it.

So for all the home based business leaders trying to help people without a paycheck or much money, who still won’t accept your life raft of financial swimming lessons.

Don’t get aggravated if they still don’t want to grab hold of it.

Just move on to find the the people that will that it’s self-evident to, instead of wasting your time and energy trying to convince people that never will.

The truth always has to pass through three stages:

1. Ridiculed.

2. Violently opposed.

3. Self-evident.

Many are just gonna have to drown because when emotions go up, intelligence goes down.

They’re just too emotional.

Making them vulnerable and unable to they think and see properly to be be able to learn how to swim.

And right now they are drowning, frozen in the emotion of fear that they are going to be financially devastated.

And I’m afraid many are going to because they are still stuck in ridiculing and opposing stages of the idea of starting a home based business.

So many will have to drown out of ignorance, thinking that the government is here to save them, when their really just trying to save themselves and Wall Street.

It’s not your problem.

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