How To Avoid Losing Money In A Home Based Business Opportunity?

Today we have an epidemic of companies and their top earners intentionally getting rich off people’s failures. Because anyone who’s been an entrepreneur long enough knows, 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years.

So why would these rich people be ok with taking people’s money upfront, knowing the most are going to fail?

It’s simple.

Because the needs of the few out weigh the needs of the many in their minds. They see themselves as leaders too big to fail or be accountable. Just like the Wall Street bankers thought when the 2007 market crash took place.

The banks, the few, didn’t lose, it was the many homeowners, even still today. Even though the root cause of the crash was because of the mighty Wall Street bankers greed and lavish lifestyle’s.

Their wealth wasn’t being generated from real results. It was generated from twisting the truth and off people’s ignorance and failures. This is why it eventually it all came crashing down like a house of cards.

This also happens in the home based business industry repeatedly. Companies and their top earners and so called leaders are always twisting the truth and taking people’s money with no conscious.

I don’t know what you consider a leader. But a leader to me isn’t someone who calls themselves a leader, if their success was based off people’s failures. A true leader bases their title off of real long-lasting tangible results produced off the instructions they provide to their followers.

For example, I’m a real estate investor. Now when I buy a rental property. I don’t get paid unless I fill the units with tenants by doing my job successfully as a property management leader.

If I don’t do my job, guess what? I don’t get paid and can not call myself a successful leader of my real estate company, can I? Because my workers and contractors are not getting paid. So what makes any other network marketing company or their leaders exempt from any of this, other than manipulation?

Their financial success is just based off of hype and eyewash. Something that doesn’t impress someone like myself, who’s about producing real long-lasting tangible results by the people I lead.

If most of those leaders, who may be good people, stopped recruiting or telling their down-line to stop recruiting, their cash flow would soon dry up like the Mohave Desert.

Because their revenue is mostly all been built off of smoke and mirrors. It’s a house of cards, unless they have real paying customers, not from reps paying a monthly auto-ship.

The reason they can get away with this is because aspiring entrepreneurs have a low financial freedom IQ from being employees or sales people all their lives.

So they are not experienced or sophisticated business owners. Therefore they just don’t know what they don’t know about business. They just blindly believe and do what they are told to do.

Hence why most lose their money.

So the question becomes… How do the many protect themselves from losing money? Because at the end of the day, no one is going to feel sorry for you if you do as an adult.

It would ultimately be your own fault. Not the company or it’s top earners.

The answer is quite simple.

Find a home based business opportunity where the owners ONLY make money if you succeed. Then failure and losing money won’t be such an issue.

Find one’s that put their money where their mouth is. One that’s wiling to walk it’s talk and your bank account will be better off.

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