The Difference Between Sales And Marketing

The subject of communications is an important one. Robert Kiyosaki tells that Rich Dad insisted that he know the difference between sales and marketing. Rich Dad would say, “the big mistakes most people make when it comes to communication is that they say ‘sales and marketing.’ This is why they suffer with low sales or poor communications with staff and investors.” His Rich Dad would go on to explain that the real statement looked like this:



He would add, “The real trick to communication is knowing that it’s really ‘sales over marketing.’ not ‘sales and marketing.’ He added, “If a business doesn’t have strong and convincing marketing, the company must spend a lot of time and money and work very hard at gathering sales.”

He also said, “Once you learn to sell, you need to learn how to market,. An S quadrant business owner is often good at sales, but to be a successful B quadrant business owner, you must be good at marketing as well as sales.” He then drew the following diagram.

He said, “Sales is what you do in person, one on one. Marketing is sales done via a system. “Most S quadrant businesspeople are very good at one-on-one sales. For them to make the transition to the B quadrant, they need to learn how to sell through a system, which is called marketing.

In conclusion, communications is a subject worthy of lifelong study because there’s more to communication than just speaking, writing, dressing or demonstrating. As rich dad said to Robert, “Just because your speaking doesn’t mean anyone is listening.” When people ask where to start to build a strong communications foundation, Robert encourages people to begin with the two basic skills of selling one-on-one and public speaking to a group. He also advises us to to carefully watch our results and listen for feedback. As you go through the process of transforming from poor communicator to an excellent communicator with these skills, you’ll find your everyday communication skills will also improve. When all three improve, you’ll see your cash flow increase as a result.


Ben’s Reccomendation

My very first professional sales job was with Keller Williams Realty. It taught me, good sales training and marketing systems are vital. Your ability to communicate through marketing and one-on-one selling will determine your income. Because sales equals income. It took me many years of training and trials and errors. I made a lot of mistakes and it cost me a lot of money and time.

To this day, I still make mistakes because it’s lifelong learning. You must learn about your customer, so you know how to communicate to them. And you need to be able to market for them by leveraging systems that generates ongoing leads and manages the leads you gain to close them. You also need to be able to close them one-to-one.

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