How To Best Protect Yourself From Online Con-Artist Information Sellers

A lot of people are making a small fortune on selling information. Pretty ironic when you think about how we live in the Information Age, with a ton of good free information all over the internet. The problem is, it can take a lot of time to collect the right information. So it only makes sense to pay for it, if it’s worth it.
The problem is, how can you tell good advice from the bad advice? How can you tell the difference between a good expert advisor and a bad expert advisor? That is the tough part, isn’t it? Because it can cost you a lot of wasted money and time if you listen to the wrong people.
Even though there is no bullet proof protection, you can at least put yourself in the best position of protection, by increasing your financial freedom IQ. That way your not at a complete disadvantage when a great marketer comes along, and is selling for example: a very expensive course on how to create a 6 figure income by selling on Amazon, or on flipping real estate.
You won’t be so vulnerable to their silver tongue sales pitch. And more importantly, you won’t miss out on some possibly valuable life changing education, because your too afraid to trust, caused by the fear of losing. You won’t suffer from analysis paralysis. You’ll be better able to filter fact from fiction and make an informed, intelligent decision.
Here are some ways to increase your financial freedom IQ:
1. First start small by making a small investment by buying books from different experts on the subject your looking into.
2. Talk to people who are already doing what your interested in.
3. Attend a CASHFLOW Club game night in your area and play CASHFLOW 101.
4. Read Rich Dad Poor Dad and the CASHFLOW Quadrant and other books by Robert Kiyosaki.
5. Overall, for the rest of your life, make a commitment to make increasing your financial freedom IQ the #1 priority when it comes to gaining your financial freedom.
These are just some low cost S.A.F.E. (simple, affordable, fun and effective) ways to increase your financial freedom IQ.
But most of all. Don’t assume you’ll automatically be successful with the info, just because others were and the tell you, you will be. It’s a good sign. But the reality is, we all have different innate skill sets. So just understand, nothing is ever a guarantee. So ultimately, what makes the difference is how well you are able to process and apply the information and the level of responsibility you take. You are the biggest x-factor.
There is no holy grail information, just work and commitment. Information helps, but like the Ten Commandments, their just guidelines. The real education begins when you do what it says by experiencing it for real.

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