Every Crash Creates An Opportunity

What Is The Rich Dad Way?

For a while now Robert Kiyosaki has been telling people about the next coming soon market crash like Paul Revere on his famous midnight ride.

So I thought I would weigh in on it, if you’re unsure what to make of his financial siren prediction. In some ways he hedges his bet on predicting this major market crash. By saying “It might not happen.” But it certainly looks inevitable considering all the fiat currency still being pumped into the market.

Let’s face it though, at best, these are very turbulent unpredictable times we are all living in. So in my eyes it’s best to be prepared, no matter what happens. Think like the bull and the bear. The bull is optimistic, the bear is pessimistic. You need to be both, a realist. And that’s where I stand on this potential devastating economic crash.

The one thing I don’t agree with when it comes to Robert’s efforts on warning us is the need to fear the crash. Rather I think we should respect it. Let me explain…

When I was young and in school, there were kids who were bullies I feared getting into fisticuffs with, but I didn’t respect them. There was no communication or understanding between me and these playground bullies. It was pure fear and dislike.

On the other hand, there were other tough guys I respected. Those are the one’s I understood and communicated with. This led to me being able to have a comfortable relationship with them and even use it to my advantage if I ever needed some muscle to back me up against the bullies I feared.

I recently received an email from one of Robert’s latest business partners Anik Singal who is an email marketing expert. I’m sure some of you received it as well if you’re on the Rich Dad email list. It’s titled RE: coming crash. I consider him a sales marketing bully. Cause he uses a a lot of scarcity tactics in his emails.

The email is written to sound like it came from Robert, but I can almost assure you it’s not Robert’s words. Robert’s not and email copywriter, he is a best-selling author, so he doesn’t write like an infomercial. I’ve been a student of Roberts since 2003, so I know the difference. Granted Robert supports him, which is all good.

This is another reason for me writing this email to my CASHFLOW Quadrant Master members. I want to make sure you’re always getting the official Rich Dad and Robert Kiyosaki teachings. It certainly concerns me that Robert has suddenly partnered with Anik and his business partner Fred Lam who is an online marketing expert as well.

 They seem like legit guys and I even have Anik’s Blue Print email course, but they sell more than they teach; which is not the Rich Dad way as I’ve been taught as an official Rich Dad CASHFLOW Club leader.

This is what makes the Rich Dad teachings so powerful and unique. But Robert is getting older, so I think he’s attempting connect with the up and coming millennial’s.

Unfortunately, I think it’s coming at the cost of compromising the Rich Dad brand. Just my opinion. But it certainly feels that way to me as a loyal Rich Dad student and fan; something that I’ve emailed Rich Dad corporate about with no response.

Oh well…

Anyways, why this is so important to understand is that more selling than teaching opens the door for students to feel that making money is more important than learning. Cause with just about every email from these guys is a promotion for a course or training.

So I would imagine Rich Dad is licensing the right for them to use the Rich Dad brand and Robert’s name to promote their products. Just know this. In case it starts turning you off to trusting the Rich Dad teachings, something I don’t want to see happen.

Focusing On Increasing Your Financial Freedom IQ

For some of you, I’m sure you’re welcoming that Rich Dad is helping to provide the types of products these gentlemen offer. But I can tell you these products alone will not save you from the coming crash. Why? It’s just like when the California Gold Rush happened if you are a student of economic history. It wasn’t the miners that got rich. It was the people selling them the mining equipment.

So beware. As Mark Twain said, “History may not repeat itself, but it often does rhyme.” What is going to do the most to help you in the coming possible crash is continuing to increase your financial freedom IQ.

If you can continue to do that, then you’ll be able to better determine if certain products can help or not help you. Every crash creates an opportunity to grow richer or poorer, depending whether your on the selling or buying side of the table. These guys are on the selling side. I’m on the selling side when I’m doing eCommerce or when I’m acting as an investor in rental properties.

I Don’t Need You

Ya see. I can be transparent with you like this because my financial freedom doesn’t depend on you.  I don’t need you, I want you as a student. It’s a much healthier relationship this way, don’t you think? If you decide to use some of my affiliate partners I recommend, that’s great. It’s like getting whip cream, nuts and that cherry on top of my ice cream. And truth be told, I don’t even like cherries.:)

But I digress, so moving on. I teach not to make money, I teach because it’s a calling for me. And any true teacher of the Robert Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad teachings owns cash flowing assets. That way they can teach for free or at cost, not necessarily to always profit.

I don’t have to be nice to you, or sell to you per say cause I don’t depend on you for my cash flow. My businesses and real estate provides me with my cash flow. So I pray you’re getting the picture I’m attempting to paint. In other words, you don’t pay my bills.

This is all part of the lesson I’m trying to teach you for preparing to capitalize on the next crash. So that when it does crash, you can gain more assets. It’s just a game. So stay prepared by being a student who learns how and what to invest in to sell to the market at the right times. But in order to do that, you have to first read the directions and rules of the game.


Don’t buy more than your selling. Be slow to buy and quick to sell. I look to sell things that have an in-demand mass appeal and that will sell in an up or down market.

If the crash doesn’t happen, so be it. But I think like Robert, “that it’s better to be prepared.” That way, you can profit either way.

If you respect the crash, you can think on ways you can take advantage of it. If you fear it, how can you? You’ll freeze and stop communicating with yourself and the market around you, hiding like a turtle in its shell. There will be a lot of people using this fear to sell you on their silver bullet product solutions cause they know the power fear has on the human mind.

It’s called FOMO in the marketing world. It’s an acronym for fear of missing out. But there’s also a FEAR acronym, that I prefer, false evidence appearing real. I’m not saying not to use these products online marketers are selling. I’m saying ‘don’t let the fear of missing out on them be the driving force of your decision to. Let your respect for financial freedom education be the force.

It certainly appears there is going to be a crash or a correction as some call it. They both mean the same as saying, “lessor or renter”, bottom-line, you’re a tenant.

The only reason the crash has not happened as of yet is because they have continued to flood the market with more and more currency to keep this house of cards standing. Sooner or later it will fall as all do. But your job is not to predict when, it’s your job to just continue to prepare if you choose. That way you can move out of the financial burning building ahead of time, to find a better one to move in to.

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