There Are Two Kinds of Pain

According to Rich Dad. Intelligence is more than simply knowing the right answer. Intelligence, in reality, is made up of many factors. One of the most important reasons for increasing your financial freedom intelligence is to be able to solve bigger financial problems. If you are having trouble paying the rent or are afraid of investing , or can’t see investment or business opportunities everywhere around you, or if you need an expert to tell you what to do with your money… you may want to consider strengthening your financial freedom intelligence.

Many times after a workout I’m sore. In fact I’m usually get more sore as for the next few days. The reason I’m in more pain is simply because, as my body strengthens , the exercises need to be tougher in order to grow stronger. So many days my bodies sore. When I feel comfortable and don’t workout, my body feels better, but my physical fitness heads south.

So my attitude towards my never ending cycle of pain is, it’s good pain. I then remember the lesson Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad said, “There is good pain and bad pain. The problem is it’s still pain.”

Financially I’m always experiencing pain. Today instead of depending on a paycheck, I’m looking for bigger challenges in business and investing. No different than when people go to the gym to workout, I take my four intelligence’s of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual into the real world to financially exercise. Instead of seeking greater comfort, I seek greater challenges.

A final thought: My body or my bank account may not feel better, but I do feel good about myself. And that’s the pay-off for having the intelligence of knowing the difference between good pain and bad pain and having the courage to keep choosing the good pain.

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