How to Build A Money Making Machine

If your a poor communicator as an entrepreneur your cash flow will be poor.  It’s easy to become an entrepreneur, but becoming good at creating cash flow is difficult for most.  Good communications is critical. Rich Dad says, it’s the #1 skill an entrepreneur must have.

Once you are good at communicating or selling making money becomes easier. The problem for most business owners is that they work hard at knowing about what their selling, more than knowing who they are selling to. So when they communicate to a prospect they are unable to build enough rap ore and fail to get the sail.

A good communicator always looks to communicate from the perspective of the prospect thoughts.

One of the first things I did when I became an entrepreneur was get my realtor’s license. Not to become a realtor, but to get professional sales training. Once I got my license, I joined Keller Williams Realty because they had a good sales training program.

Since then I’ve invested in many communications trainings like copywriting, public speaking and books on how to communicate better, which has had a positive impact on my business and personal life. It’s made me a better husband, father, son, brother, uncle friend and person. On top of making my bank account continuously fatter.

One of the most critical lessons I learned though from Rich Dad was that when you look at the CASHFLOW Quadrant, the biggest difference between people in the S Quadrant and people in the B Quadrant is that people who are in the S are very good at selling one on one, but people who are B’s are good at selling one on one and to the masses as a marketer.


And the B’s usually make the most money and have the most free time. S’s have to work hard at selling, where’s B’s don’t. Why? cause B’s understand that it’s sales over marketing, not sales & marketing. What’s even worse, if something happens to them. They get sick or decide to go on vacation, their income will stop coming in. A true big business owner can have both happen. But because they have a marketing system in place that runs without them, their cash flow continues or can even increase.

In other words if a business has good marketing, sales are much easier to generate. One should not be separate from the other. When I see people struggling to make money online, including myself, it’s usually a marketing problem.

I see many who can communicate effectively one on one face to face or over the phone. But when they start to do business online, they try to do the same and they make little to no money. Cause to successfully make money online, you have to be able to successfully market before you sell, which takes time and patience and money to do.

You have to setup capture pages, squeeze pages, an email auto responder, etc. On top of all of this, it cost money to advertise on Facebook, Google and many other prime traffic sites. Even if you can afford a marketing system, if you don’t have enough money to advertise effectively, you won’t succeed.

This is the frustrating issue most failing online marketer’s are faced with. This is one of the reasons why I love selling on Amazon. Cause they do all the marketing for you, even though they offer a pay-per click marketing service. All you have to do is open up a seller account and learn how to source profitable items and the money starts coming in.

Then once you get the cash flow coming in on a consistent basis, you then can take some of that money and reinvest it in marketing other products or services you want to sell. And all that’s left to do is find a marketing system that works and works well.

There are many to choose from, from expensive to cheap. I’ve test driven many of them and they are all basically the same for the most part. Some may just offer a few more bells and whistles. But all the good one’s come with a capture page, sales page and email auto-responder.

So it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. Unless your one of my students that practices my S.A.F.E. Rule. Where you want the most simple, affordable, fun and effective training and marketing platform to use.

If you do, I recommend taking a peek at the new Kypron FREE marketing and training platform I texted many of you about.

What makes Kypron different from all the others I’ve seen or used is the founders designed it to be a S.A.F.E. offering. It’s free and comes with full use of the system. Has everything you need to start putting cold hard cash in your pocket sooner than latter. Plus, if you don’t already have a product or service to sell, it comes with upgrades to higher levels that you can market online to sell to others, keeping the majority of the profits.

But that’s not the biggest benefit. The biggest benefit is it’s a copy and paste system. The founders provide you with constant fresh, successfully pre-tested marketing funnels, so that your marketing is plug and play. You’ll have little set up work to do. Which in turn allows for you to spend as little as possible in time and money on advertising maximize your time and profits! Which is also in-line with my 20/80 Investment Rule. Only investing .20 cents on a dollar or time to make .80 on every dollar and time gained.

The copy and paste model is how many of us got started doing eCommerce, by copying and pasting products from Amazon to sell on eBay to drop-ship. Kypron’s creators are the same one’s who founded DSD and INFINii that trains people how to do eCommerce.

Once a person is set up, all they have to do is copy and paste a code into a proven campaign. Then just like drop-shipping from Amazon to eBay customers the sales will start generating on their own.

So if you want to learn more about Kypron and create a free account, just click on the link below. 

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