How To Win When You Lose


No one likes making a mistake that causes them to lose. But that’s life. So it shouldn’t stop you from being a winner. Hell, major league baseball hitter’s can strike out seven out of ten times and still get into The Hall of Fame.

The key is learning from your mistakes. Recently I bought these spinners from an online wholesaler by mistake. I lost $100. I was none to happy about it. I thought I was purchasing fifty-three minnie drones, rather than spinners.


But I remembered a lesson I learned from Warren Buffett. He explained that many stock market investors hold on to losing stocks. Because in their minds, until they sell and officially take the loss, they don’t have to deal with the pain of losing money. It’s the same idea like when people stay in a bad  marriage or relationship. They won’t cut their losses and move on, even though the love in the relationship has died.

That lesson helped me get past my loss by just deciding to donate the spinners, which turned me back into a winner. How? We’ll first of all. Just the mere feeling of letting go and accepting the loss put me back in a winning state of mind. Then within an hour of the donation, I was sourcing inventory for my online store and found $200 worth of profits, while only investing about $25 and some change.

pic 2

I used my pain from losing to power past my loss to get back in the winning circle. If I kept my losing attitude by acting like a victim, I don’t think I would have found these $200 worth of items for $25.00. It’s that simple…

In fact, we all know the popular saying, “give and you shall receive.” We’ll I gave which turned me into a winner by receiving even more, even though I initially lost. So I’m glad I kept playing the eCommerce game.

Cause Rich Dad say’s, “playing not to lose means you will never gain financial freedom.” So continuing to find a way to play the money game, is how to win when you lose.

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