Why is Financial Freedom Education Important


Most of us are familiar with the saying, “knowledge is power.” But we also know this is not true. Because we know, in order to create the power we have to apply the knowledge in real life for the power to be generated.

This is why Robert Kiyosaki wrote the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and created the board-game, CASHFLOW 101. The book was the knowledge, and the game was a way to apply that knowledge through simulation, to eventually doing the real thing in life.

This is also the idea behind these blog posts. To provide you with financial freedom education, and then work with you to apply the knowledge to building a cash flowing eCommerce network of businesses.

But back to the importance of financial freedom education. Tell me. Have you ever changed the oil filter on your car? If you have, you know it’s important to have one, because if you don’t dirt and grime can get into the engine and damage it beyond repair. Not good.

Financial freedom education acts as a filter as well. It filters, good financial advice, from the bad financial advice. Without out it, just like needing an oil filter on your car, it can cause financial damage if you don’t have one when driving any type of an investment vehicle.

There have been many times when I was managing or driving an investment vehicle. And if I didn’t have the filter of financial freedom education to help me filter out the bad financial  information or advice, I would have been in big trouble.

In fact. It causes people to lose out on great investments as well. Cause they don’t have the filter of financial freedom education to understand what a great investment looks like.

So investing in our financial freedom education is critical if we want to create a brighter financial future. Something money alone can’t do for us.  Plus, having money without having the filter of financial freedom education is dangerous. You see examples of it all the time, with professional athletes who suddenly became rich. Then when they retire, they tragically became broke over some bad investment decision. Cause they invested without the filter of financial freedom education.

You wouldn’t dare build a house without building the foundation first, cause you know the house would eventually collapse after one or two bad storms. So we should never build our financial houses without first building our foundation of financial freedom education. Even though unfortunately, most have.


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